Tuition Equity & Accessibility

Our philosophy of embracing the whole child, meeting them where they are at, and supporting them according to their needs, also extends to our approach as to how we handle operating costs and financial accessibility for families.

All families who seek compassion-based community education models should have equal access to it.

Berkeley Forest School is for everyone.

Our sliding-scale tuition policy is just one facet in our efforts to increase access to our programming for all. Our base cost for the 2019 - 2020 school year is $980 per month ($490 for half-time enrollment), which most families pay. Because this is out of the range of affordability for many less-resourced families in our community, families at Berkeley Forest School pay according to their ability. Some families have paid $50 or $200 per month while another family pays $800 or $1100 per month. In addition to individual donations, fundraisers, and community partnerships, some Berkeley Forest School families opt to pay more than the cost of their own child's tuition. This "overpayment" is added to our equity fund to support fellow Berkeley Forest School families. For example, a family might choose to pay $40, or $400 per month on top of the base cost on their child's tuition.

Cost & Benefits

The base cost tuition of one child enrolled in our school is $9,800 per year, accepted in 10 monthly installments of $980 per month. This allows us to hire incredibly skilled teachers with a deep practice in community-minded anti-bias teaching and cooperative learning as a path for radical social change. This operating cost affords Berkeley Forest School to pay teachers a living wage and offer healthcare coverage. We live our values by investing in our community in many ways, one being the Shuumi Land Tax

Since 2013, we've made it our goal to ensure that no one is prevented from enrollment due to financial inaccessibility by offering sliding scale tuition equity for under-resourced families. In 2018, 30% of our school families, and 40% of families in all camps and programs combined utilize our tuition equity fund, and because of this, we all benefit from our collective experiences in learning and growing together.  

Contact us to find out more about how you can help us grow our equity fund and increase our ability to offer more public programs to schools, health-minded organizations, and local communities. 

This earth is for everyone. We are all home here. Together.