Berkeley Forest School


The Berkeley Forest School’s toddler program is a morning class offered for children ages 2 to 3.5. We spend our time in an orchard, on urban farm with a nearby creek, in the woods, and in the forest and meadows at Tilden Regional Park.

Through free play and sensory exploration, children will connect with the landscape and build community with the environment, and each other. We provide a safe emotional, physical, and mental space for toddlers in which they can explore and learn from their natural surroundings and a compassionate group dynamic. Together we will harvest seasonal fresh fruit to share, sing songs, notice the sound of the wind in the grass, make lemonade, plant seedlings, smell flowers, listen to and communicate with birds, and explore the local creek. Children will grow alongside each other and share in the magical moments of living and learning outdoors.

Enrollment for our toddler program is available in 2-day (Monday & Tuesday, or Wednesday & Thursday) or 4-day options. We meet from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. Our small group size (up to ten children) and high ratio of staff to students (1:5) ensures a safe, comfortable environment.

The toddler program year begins in September and ends in June; new families must commit to the full 10-month program year. The annual tuition is divided into ten monthly payments, listed in the schedule below. Please inquire for information about sibling discounts, reduced rates for single-parent families, and reduced rates for families living with financial hardship. Nature connection and respectful, whole-child education is for all of us.

Please let us know if you or an organization with which you are affiliated would like to give to our scholarship fund.

bfs toddler program

Session days Monthly fee

Two-day enrollment
Mondays and Tuesdays: Orchard

$455 / mo.
(10 months)

Two-day enrollment
Wednesdays and Thursdays: Woods

$455 / mo.
(10 months)

Four-day enrollment
Mondays through Thursdays

$910 / mo.
(10 months)

To register or if you have questions, contact us using the form below. Please fill out all fields, and tell us a bit about your child, including what childcare he or she has received and what his or her relationship is with the outdoors. You will receive additional information via email.

Toddler Schedule

7 September
Welcome Families!
Coffee and tea in the Orchard

8 September
Fall Session Begins

19 September
Fall Equinox Family Picnic

12 October
Indigenous Peoples Day—No School

25–30 November
Thanksgiving Holiday—No School

12 December
Winter Solstice Family Campfire

21–30 December
Winter Holiday—No School

4 January
Winter Session Begins

18 January
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday—
No School

15 February
President's Day Holiday—No School

20 March
Spring Equinox Family Hike

28–31 March
Spring Holiday—No School

4 April
Spring Session Begins

18 April
Growth & Development Day—No School

16 May
Malcom X Holiday—No School

30 May
Memorial Day Holiday—No School

11 June
Summer Solstice Family Crafts

16 June
Last Day! Sunflower Ceremony

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