our parent cooperative

Families come to Berkeley Forest School for a variety of reasons. We appreciate the many paths taken to arrive at this place, and we acknowledge that there are many ways of being in this life. The rich diversity of perspectives in our cohort of families helps inform our culturally-responsive approach to our classes. We aim to empower families to raise their children and their community with love and grace.


Families agree to work 1-2 days per month of their child’s enrollment in our preschool and kindergarten programs. Although this “Stay Day” duty is an assisting position to forest school teachers, it is also an opportunity for caregivers to witness the bold and exciting learning journey of the children in their care. We find that parents often celebrate the successes of the children in their child’s group as much as they do for their own child. And in turn, when they see a child struggling with something their child was challenged by earlier in the year, they reach out with kindness and support to the other family. Community connection is key to a thriving society.

Additional details of our family resources and workshop events will be available later this fall.